What an awful experience. Who wants to do that?

No wonder you abandoned the 'project'.

You signed up with an SEO provider online to get the cost of

Search Engine Optimization for your business.

You want to be on page one of Google, you understand the benefits of being in that place.

You know that when people are searching for your service or product that first page is likely to result in increased phone calls, emails and messages from potential clients.

The reply you got was a five-page-form that you were required to complete before any pricing would be determined.

Naturally you abandoned the effort, who has time for that?

WebMax SEO is built on customer service, on the understanding that you are busy and you shouldn't have to do our job for your company to get results.

Want to know how much SEO is going to cost?

Ask. We will answer. Quickly, in person. No forms.

No day's or week-long examination, hours of your time.

Fast, easy to digest pricing (very affordable) and we use none of your time.

"We love WebMax SEO! At first we were reluctant, their pricing is very competitive but it was still a pinch on our budget. We trusted these guys and went for it. We've never looked back. Our company pre-SEO had 2 employees. 2 years later we've grown to 10 employees, phone is ringing off-the-hook. We will never get off the WebMax SEO train, it has literally grown our business. Thank you WebMax SEO, you are an amazing team!"

- James, Owner Extreme Fiberglass